Top 10 Agile Consulting Firms In The UK

The agile business model has brought success and a renewed sense of purpose to many companies.

It’s a new and innovative style of work that emphasises personal freedom and the creativity that projects need rather than stuffy, overly intrusive management.

If you’re thinking of implementing agile methodology into your own workplace, you might benefit from an agile consulting firm, which could help you adopt agile principles without too much disruption.

We’re here to help with that mission. Let’s take a look at our top 10 agile consulting firms in the UK!

A quick note: some of these firms may not base themselves in the UK, but they generally offer services within the UK as part of a global strategy.

1. Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the most prominent and well-respected consultancy firms in the UK, and it’s already seemingly begun to adopt agile methodologies for its own operational parameters.

With a wide range of perspectives and advice available, Deloitte is a great place to go if you want to see how a workplace can adopt agile working without creating any kind of schism or conflict at the core of the company’s values. 

Deloitte offers auditing services, legal advice, and tax services available, making this company a good ally to have on your side for more than just agile business practices as well.

2. Accenture

Although it doesn’t exactly have the most exciting or inspirational name, Accenture is a great agile consulting firm that can help to supercharge your business and take it to the next level.

With services including strategy consultancy, analytics, and innovation coaching, Accenture is a good place to go if you want to start building an agile framework but don’t know where to start.

This is one of the UK’s most trusted firms when it comes to consultancy, so make sure they’re high on your list.

3. Skillogic

While it may be true that Skillogic isn’t technically based in the UK, it does offer its services worldwide in over 30 countries, including the USA, the UK, and many more.

Its courses include certification in PMP, Prince2, and Six Sigma Black Belt, as well as a Prince2 certification that’s specifically geared towards the agile method.

Courses are competitively priced, and Skillogic says all of its course content is accredited internationally as well.

4. Wavestone

With consulting facilities available around the world, Wavestone is another excellent option if your company is looking for an agile consulting firm to help build a new framework.

There’s plenty of content available online via Wavestone’s website that can help you get started in the agile world, and if you’re ready to move on, you can contact Wavestone for more specific opportunities.

Make no mistake: Wavestone has plenty of great insights for your agile implementation.

5. Simplilearn

Another excellent consultancy firm that offers lots of accredited courses for your company and employees, Simplilearn does what it says on the tin: it gives you the opportunity to “simply learn”, so to speak.

A range of foundational and advanced courses are available depending on your skill level, and Simplilearn promises an “immersive learning experience”, so you shouldn’t end up bored.

This site doesn’t call itself the “#1 online bootcamp” for nothing, after all!

6. KnowledgeHut

Another company that isn’t technically based in the UK but that does offer services to that venerable country, KnowledgeHut promises to help you “learn the latest digital skills for tomorrow’s jobs”.

With clients like Nokia, Logitech, and Tesco on board, you know that KnowledgeHut’s courses are legit, and there are courses available on everything from ITIL 4 to PMP and Certified ScrumMaster.

This is very much a consultancy firm for those who already know what they want.

7. BearingPoint

Describing itself as a “management and technology consultancy”, BearingPoint offers a range of consulting options, including management and leadership, sustainability, and performance boosting.

You’ll also find lots of different categories for consultancy, like customers and business growth, finance and risk assessment, and technology, making this the ideal starting point for a company determined to go agile.

Make sure you check out BearingPoint for all your agile consultancy needs.

8. McKinsey and Company

The corporate philosophy in effect at McKinsey and Company builds itself around three core pillars: growth, profit, and sustainability. This, the company believes, should be at the heart of “outperformers”.

Offering services on everything from digital strategy through to implementation and M&A, McKinsey and Company is the perfect firm to start your journey in the world of agile frameworks.

What’s more, the website is beautifully-designed, so it’s a good primer for web design!


KPMG prides itself on working with everyone from asset management companies through to life sciences firms and even governments. That’s how far-reaching this company’s consultancy is.

Promising fresh insights across a variety of industries, KPMG can help your company jump into the world of agile working, unlocking your potential and making you everything you’ve always wanted to be.

Clients include the city of Amsterdam, where KPMG consulted on responsible AI to contribute to the city’s growth.

10. BJSS

Last but not least, it’s BJSS, the “leading technology and engineering consultancy” that counts digital strategy, user engagement, and transformation at the heart of its corporate philosophy.

BJSS has taken home numerous awards, including an Innovation Crisis Management award, an NTA Best Public Sector Project award, and a Princess Royal Training Award, showing the company’s high quality.

If you’re looking for an agile consultancy firm, you could definitely do a lot worse than BJSS, so make sure they’re high on your list.

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