The Best Laptop Stands For Your Home Office

Many people don’t think about posture while they’re working. When you’re absorbed in typing away at your latest assignment, you might not realise that you’re actually uncomfortable while you’re working, and this can lead to serious health problems for you later down the line.

This is doubly important when you’re working from home. If you’re working in an office, your employer will often provide for you when it comes to ergonomic equipment, but in your own home, you’re on your own. It’s still important to look after your health in your working environment, though, so here are the best laptop stands for home office workers.

Twelve South Curve Flex for MacBook

We begin with a stand that’s perfect for MacBook users. Twelve South is a trusted name in the world of laptop accessories, and you can expect exactly the same level of quality from the Curve Flex as you get from other Twelve South products. This is a sturdy, robust stand that’s easily adjustable thanks to the flexible arms (hence the name), and it’s a surprisingly affordable option given its level of quality, too. If you’re a MacBook user, this should be your first port of call when it comes to laptop stands.

obVus Minder Laptop Tower Stand 2.0

Ergonomic accessory company obVus makes something for everyone, and the Minder is no different. Suitable for both sitting desks and standing environments, the Minder will house any laptop up to 10 kilograms in weight. When you’re done using it, you can fold it down and carry it in your backpack, so it’s also great for taking to the office with you. Not only that, but the Minder comes complete with a smartphone stand at its base, so you can house your phone while you’re working as well.

Nnewvante Laptop Stand Cooling Pad

If you have a laptop with a propensity for heating up while you’re working, this option from Nnewvante should see you right. It’s got a built-in fan that works to cool your machine down, as well as a natural bamboo construction that looks aesthetically pleasing and won’t damage your laptop. Combine that with adjustable positioning so you can change the orientation of your computer to suit you, and you’ve got a high-quality stand that should be great for those with older or more demanding machines.

Nexstand K2

Another surprisingly affordable option, the Nexstand K2 likely won’t run you more than about £30, but it provides superb comfort and functionality for that price. You’ll find eight different options for height on this stand, so you can decide what works for you, and the stand itself won’t weigh heavy on your desk or in your bag if you want to carry it somewhere with you. Most laptops are supported, too, so you shouldn’t find that there are any serious compatibility issues.

Grovemade Wood Laptop Stand

This is an option for serious aesthetic enthusiasts. If you care about how your desk environment looks and you want to impress people when they visit (or just impress yourself every time you walk in), then this excellent stand from Grovemade is a great option. It’s a simple, clean, and effective stand that doesn’t come with any bells and whistles except for immaculate construction and a minimalist look. Choose this one if you don’t need the extras that often come with stands like this.

Lamicall Foldable Ergonomic Desktop Laptop Holder

Never was the phrase “does what it says on the tin” more apt. This foldable laptop stand from Lamicall sits neatly on your desk and holds laptops between 10 and 17 inches in size, which includes all of the major MacBook models, as well as the Surface range from Microsoft and many, many more. Wide compatibility isn’t the only positive here, though; you’re also getting a robust stand that can be folded away and stored wherever you like, as well as sturdy rotation hinges.

Moft Z Stand

This excellent stand from Moft has three built-in angles for sitting, making it perfect for everything from lengthy typing sessions through to watching movies or making video calls. You can also use it as a sit-stand desk, so if you’re looking to incorporate periods of standing work into your day, you could definitely do a lot worse than this stand. The construction is great, as you’d expect at this price point, and laptops of up to 10kg are supported, so your model should be fine sitting on this stand for an extended period of time.

Amazon Basics Foldable Laptop Stand

Sometimes, all you need are the basics, and that’s where Amazon Basics comes in. This simple, straightforward laptop stand really doesn’t do anything except prop up your laptop; it doesn’t have any built-in cup holders or smartphone stands, but it will create a better viewing angle for your machine so that you’re not craning or stooping down to work. The price reflects the functionality, too; you’re not going to be paying a premium, so you’ll get a simple stand that just does what it’s supposed to.

Monoprice Workstream

Another simple yet effective stand, the Monoprice Workstream has an attractive if overly simple “A” design and a base. That’s all there is to it; again, like the Amazon Basics stand, there aren’t any extra bells and whistles to worry about here. If you want a stand that’s not going to interfere with the aesthetic you’ve built for your home office, then this Monoprice option will definitely do the trick, and the construction is pretty solid considering the price as well.

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