About us


Agile.org.uk is a knowledge platform totally focused on providing information and resources about AGILE with the aim of promoting better ways of doing things.


Agile is about being fit and ready to take up the challenges and opportunities in rapidly changing situations.

Agile is a  way of working and behaving, a culture and mindset. Agile requires thinking and acting differently to accepted norms.

Agile encompasses all aspects and all types and sizes of business at all levels of an organisation. It touches and involves everyone.

Agile often requires guides and frameworks to establish the key principles and methodologies, but it is not one size fits all – its individual. So every individual, every team and every organisation needs to find and fulfill their agile potential

So continuous learning to gain new and updated knowledge and experience is key to being successful with agile.


The aim of Agile.org.uk is to provide a platform of information in the form of articles/ post/ podcasts/ guides, references and case studies to help create a diverse and interesting knowledge base to support your quest for agile enlightenment.


We have a team of writers and researchers dedicated to providing up to date and informative articles, posts, guides and case studies across the full spectrum AGILE topics but with a particular focus on work, culture and innovation.

Our team includes Paul Allsopp former Director and owner of The Agile Organisation consultancy and long standing author and speaker on agile.

We also welcome your suggestions, feedback, contributions and proposals to create a diverse and relevant agile community.