Agile working and working on what really matters

Readers of this site will be well versed in what ‘Agile Working’ or ‘New Ways of Working’ is all about. Essentially it is about breaking down the traditional barriers, adopting different management styles, thinking differently about workplace design and looking at effective approaches to improving collaboration and communication. Traditional working practices have more recently been coined as

Why Do Businesses Offer Promotional Deals to Customers

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to find every advantage you possibly can to outdo your competitors and bring customers to your door. Of course, you should stop short of anything illegal or shady, because customers won’t appreciate you engaging in such behaviour and you could do irreparable damage to your brand. Otherwise, though, everything is on the table, and one of the most common

How Can an Agile Approach Benefit a Real Estate Business?

The agile approach has been adopted across the business world. Whether it’s aeronautics, education, or ecommerce, there’s arguably no industry that wouldn’t benefit from implementing the agile framework to boost productivity and free up teams’ creativity. Naturally, real estate is another industry in which the agile approach could have a huge transformative effect, but many real estate

All set to go AGILE?

As your big transformation to AGILE working gets closer to that ‘go live’ date are you ready? You and your organisation have really spent time understanding what it means to become a more agile business. If all goes according to plan, then you will have a good fix on the improvements your customers will experience. You will have written your agile working HR policies and the training to bring

10 Types of Businesses That Could Benefit from Agile Methodologies

If you’ve heard of agile methodologies before, then you may well have considered implementing an agile framework for your own business. However, you might be wondering whether the agile method would work within your industry and for your business’ particular way of doing things. Generally speaking, agile methodologies are perfect for pretty much any kind of business, but they truly shine

What Every New Business Owner Should Be Aware of When Starting a Company

Starting a new business can be an exciting yet daunting endeavour. There are many things to consider and prepare for when launching a company. Being aware of potential pitfalls and challenges beforehand can help new business owners strategically plan and make the right decisions. Here are some key things every new entrepreneur should keep in mind when embarking on this new chapter. Create a

Inventory Management in Dealership Software: Best Practices for Optimal Stock Control

In the dynamic landscape of the contemporary automotive industry, the significance of proficient inventory management, including dealership management software development, cannot be overstated. It stands as a linchpin for the triumphant performance of any dealership. In order to remain not just relevant but also thriving in the face of relentless competition and ever-evolving customer

Automating Lease Calculations: How Technology Simplifies Compliance

The intricacies of lease accounting often pose a significant challenge in financial management. However, with the advent of cutting-edge software solutions like FMIS Lease Accounting Software, the domain of lease management is undergoing a transformative shift. This article delves into the world of accounting lease calculations, shedding light on how technology simplifies the process and ensures

Predictability in Agile – Forecasting Feature Delivery for Scrum Teams

In the world of delivering complex software development projects, the work can often be unpredictable in its nature. Agile frameworks, particularly Scrum, aim to provide organisations with self-organising, autonomous, and empowered teams to create products and solutions that deliver value for the business and its customers as predictably as possible. Yet there is always a general reticence for

Safeguarding Customer Data: 7 Tools to Boost Your Cybersecurity

Customer data is an important part of every business, helping to improve services, retain a loyal customer base, and reach new audiences. But protecting this data is as important as how you use it. That’s because hackers are willing to use this sensitive information in cyberattacks. Businesses that suffer data breaches stand to lose all the trust they’ve worked hard to build and incur hefty

Adapting to Win: Agile Lessons from the £42 Million WowPot Jackpot

Agile methodologies and the thrill of gaming converge in the world of online slot machines, especially when it comes to the pursuit of a life-changing progressive jackpot that recently surpassed £42 million. If you're feeling fortunate and relish the excitement of online slots, your quest for this extraordinary prize is a journey not just into gaming, but also into the realm of agility in

Securing Your Digital Future: VPS Hosting and Cybersecurity Best Practices

Introduction The protection of one’s private data in today's digital world has become a crucial issue. Cyber threats are developing and becoming more complex and are a threat to not only organizations but individuals as well. However there are a number of companies like Beeks Group, that offer VPS hosting solutions to safeguard your digital assets. This article will look at why VPS hosting is

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