5 Productivity Tricks to Boost Efficiency  

Productivity is one of the most important elements of being a great worker and colleague. Those who are able to get their work done in a timely and professional manner are a huge asset to any workspace—and tend to make things easier for those around them. Usually, productive workers are those with their own unique routines and approaches.

After all, we’ve all heard advice on how to boost productivity and efficiency, helping us finish jobs quicker and with a higher degree of accuracy and skills. Some studies suggest working from home boosts productivity, while others hint that productivity comes down to working alone. But what about other tricks of the trade? 

We’re suggesting five unique ways to boost efficiency in the workplace, which are especially helpful for those who aren’t in charge of their own office—or whether or not they work from home. Whether you’re a remote worker or an office bee, try out these easy and unique tips.

Engage with Games

Let’s make one thing clear: playing games isn’t always acceptable in the workplace—even those with a more lenient job. However, research supports the idea that games train our brains to think quickly and accurately. This means that games can also prevent the brain from ‘logging off’ during certain periods. For example, if you have a later meeting with an hour of downtime, you can keep your brain active with a game. 

While you might be thinking of Candy Crush Saga, even highly complex games like poker can help jumpstart the mind. Because the game involves elements of critical thinking and analysis (and possibly a bit of bluffing), it keeps the mind working and entertained. Depending on your level of skill, you can target beginner games or move on to more advanced challenges like tournaments. Texas Hold’em is popular worldwide and accessible from a range of devices, which means you can play from a laptop or smartphone if you want to have a bit of fun while keeping your mind active.

How about Poker? It’s a true game of strategy, after all. The best online poker games you can typically find on today’s most trusted iGaming sites are live dealer poker games, computer-generated video poker games and traditional computer-generated table/card games.The physical game can be enjoyed with a team learning exercise.

Hit the Right Brain Wave

While some might be surprised to learn that games can help the brain stay on track, few are shocked to hear that music can help gear the brain for certain types of activity. After all, most people have a special workout playlist or a relaxation playlist. The idea here is that certain BPMs set up the brain for certain types of work.

Classical music, for example, is recommended for most types of activities, whether logical or creative. However, just about any type of music works—so long as its BPM aligns with your goals. Slower BPMs are associated with critical thinking and analysis, while faster BPMs are linked to quick thinking and acting.

Greenery Goes a Long Way

Let’s shift away from activities for a second. One of the best ways to boost productivity is to maintain a positive working space. Whether you have a cubicle or a shared desk, there are small changes you can make to boost your mood—and, in turn, your productivity.

In fact, studies have shown that plants in the home can stabilize our moods and help us achieve our goals. One project even demonstrated that those with plants in their workspaces had a 12% faster reaction time than those who didn’t.

Set Yourself Up for Joy

Similar to plants, one lesser-known trick to boost productivity is to spend time creating a meaningful workspace. Plants are a great way to stabilize our moods and set ourselves up for a highly efficient day. But studies also show that happiness, pure and simple, also leads to higher engagement at work and more mindfulness—which helps us get our work done. 

Happiness in the workplace is a difficult subject. After all, most people will dislike certain aspects of their work—no matter how passionate they are about their job. To boost happiness, you can add little markers to your workspace, whether a colorful note from a loved one or a magnet that brings you joy. Remember, these small things can add up.

Batching like a Baker

Lastly, we have on suggestion that’s focused on your habits in the workplace. This productivity tip doesn’t come down to music or plants. Instead, it’s about knowing how to bundle your tasks together in order to spend less time organizing your to-do list and more time working through it. Most people suggest batching your tasks each week, then refining those tasks first thing in the morning to create a daily task list.

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